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ZipDriven is an Industry-leading Market Share Optimization Platform.

Industry-leading Market Share Optimization Platform

ZipDriven is the latest innovation in the PureCars product suite. It resulted from our belief that data can help our clients create a sound digital strategy based on their market and dealership goals.

Simply put, ZipDriven helps dealers quickly identify the biggest opportunities in each zip code so they can sell more cars. It makes it easier than ever before to create a highly-targeted digital marketing program based on business strategy and real data - not gut.

ZipDriven is offered as a standalone product for only $250 / month. Learn more about pricing.

How ZipDriven Works.

How ZipDriven Works

ZipDriven imports market registration data showing both sales and leases from Experian. Dealers are then able to access the data for their dealership in ZipDriven’s intuitive web-based application that offers multiple views and cuts of the data that are extremely actionable.

Our engineers are continuously innovating, working to add new features and capabilities, often based on feedback and input from actual dealers and clients. The result is an industry-leading application that is giving dealers an edge over their competition.

ZipDriven Features and Reports.

ZipDriven Features

One of the core ZipDriven features is the Model Scorecard. This report shows dealers how they rank in their market for each vehicle on their lot. Dealers can then drill down on specific models to see how they are performing in their market, including how they rank against competing dealerships, insight into off-brand vehicle sales of the same body style and, most importantly, zip code market share.

With unprecedented access to this historical data (for both new and used cars), ZipDriven dynamically generates a variety of actionable reports. Dealers can easily pinpoint where they are winning and losing zip code market share.

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ZipDriven enables data-driven marketing.

ZipDriven Enables Data-Driven Marketing -- And More

Understanding zip code market share allows dealers to focus their digital marketing efforts and budget on zip codes where they are historically losing sales, as well as increase saturation where they are proven to be more successful. Your highly targeted digital marketing plan can then be executed on our award-winning PureCars SmartAdvertising digital marketing platform and can be paired with our other products from our product suite for a truly robust program.

The data that can be accessed from within ZipDriven is also helpful for inventory planning, sales comps, BDCs, customer loyalty programs and more. Whether you are bridging the gap between sales goals and your digital marketing strategy or simply want to know where to spend your marketing dollars more efficiently, ZipDriven allows you to continually measure and adjust your strategies and tactics.

ZipDriven + = A Powerful Combination

"From Day One, ZipDriven will change how you approach marketing. No more blanketing areas that don't matter. This is the only tool that enables you to laser target specific areas with relevant vehicles and measure the impact with not just actual sales, but your share of all the sales."