ZipDriven: Finding the right car shoppers to conquest.

ZipDriven Conquest

According to recent Google research*, 87% of car shoppers consider multiple brands during the shopping process and 71% of buyers actually switch brands, while only 12% are brand-loyal. That makes for a lot of potential car buyers to conquest.

But how do you find them? And how do you efficiently and cost-effectively market to them?

ZipDriven reports and data.

Data, Data and More Data

The key is not just having access to data, but to clear, actionable data that shows you exactly which makes and models are winning in your market - and in exactly which zip codes.

Instead of casting a wide (and often expensive) net, promoting a more generic brand message, you need to be able to create highly-targeted digital campaigns with messaging tailored for specific competing makes and models.

You also need to focus your efforts (and marketing dollars) in the areas in which you are both under- and over-performing to maximize your success across your market.

ZipDriven Conquest is perfect for dealerships.

Dealers Are Better-Positioned to Conquest Than Their OEMs

Traditional conquest efforts have been broad, expensive and not terribly effective. In fact, many dealers believe that “conquest” is something the OEM should pursue - not the dealership.

With ZipDriven, however, dealers are now better positioned than ever to make conquest part of their larger digital marketing strategy. And since the launch of ZipDriven in late 2015, many are achieving great success.

Learn more from Showroom Logic Founder, Patrick Bennett, about how you can use ZipDriven to build a sound digital conquest strategy.

ZipDriven Conquest Reports

ZipDriven Conquest reports are available for both new & used vehicles. Clearly see where you are winning and losing sales in your market and where your biggest opportunities to conquest are.

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ZipDriven Conquest Marketing

ZipDriven Conquest is changing the digital conquest game. Through an exclusive partnership with a premium automotive digital network, we are now able to offer ZipDriven Conquest, a fully-managed, highly-targeted marketing program that can help you beat the competition.

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*Source: Google Influential Experiences: Auto Shopper Insights for 2015 Planning