Conquest Marketing

Capture low-funnel intenders with cost-effective digital conquest on the AutoWeb network.

Conquest Like Never Before

Using vehicle-specific ZipDriven market data, our experts design your campaigns and target shoppers at the zip code-level. We run your conquest and brand ads on the highly-targeted AutoWeb vehicle shopping network. Qualified shoppers researching your brand(s) and competing models are shown your ads that link directly to your best-converting VDP, DCP, SRP, specials or comparison pages. Tap into a captive audience your competitors don't have access to.

Built to give dealers access to market data critical for their marketing success
Multiple views of the data can be seen through a wide variety of Make, Model and Market reports
Understand exactly where you’re winning and losing sales in your market
Identify opportunities through actual market data
See changes over a time period with date filters
Continuously evolve your marketing strategies to keep winning in your market
One million low-funnel visitors/month from the AutoWeb digital network are shown targeted vehicle ads
Your vehicle ads are only shown to qualified shoppers who specify make, model, zip and request pricing information
This high-quality traffic is sent to your best-converting VDP, DCP, SRP, specials or comparison page
No adverse effect on quality score
Great for your core models and branding too!
Low, fixed Cost-Per-Click pricing

You Benefit From a Full-Service Solution

Our award-winning team designs and manages your dealership’s conquest and/or brand campaigns, based on the unique goals & objectives of your business. Using ZipDriven data and digital marketing expertise, we work with you to develop a highly-targeted, affordable digital advertising strategy that takes market share from competing models.

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Reach High-Quality Traffic on a Premium Network

With ZipDriven Conquest, you can finally battle the high CPCs and low quality scores traditionally associated with digital conquest efforts.

As low as $199/month
$3.50 fixed CPC
Minimum target goal of 100 clicks per month, per model

Grow Your Market Share

Our industry-leading ZipDriven market share optimization platform helps dealers like you find the biggest opportunities in your market. With ZipDriven, you can quickly identify the vehicles and zip codes you should focus your digital marketing on and start growing market share.

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