ZipDriven Conquest Reports

Know exactly which models - and in which zip codes - you should conquest in your market.

By knowing exactly which competing models are taking share in your market, you can target them more effectively & efficiently. Most importantly, you’ll know where to focus your marketing dollars.

With ZipDriven Conquest, You Can:

  • Learn which competing vehicles have the biggest conquest opportunity
  • See zip codes where you’re losing market share to competitive vehicles
  • Capture more low-funnel shoppers with targeted, data-driven marketing

Actionable Reports Make it Clear Which Vehicles to Conquest in Your Market

Our new, industry-first conquest reports are easy to create for all your models. Using Experian transaction data, ZipDriven provides you with model-specific, actionable reports, giving you deep insight into where you are losing sales in your market and exactly where you have opportunity to conquest.

Make Better Decisions & Optimize Your Budget

Broaden your reach within your market by identifying and targeting the large percentage (87%!) of shoppers who are considering multiple brands during their shopping process. By seeing exactly which competing models are selling in your market, you can more effectively target and conquest those shoppers - and take more market share.

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