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ZipDriven Features

ZipDriven has an ever-expanding library of reports and tools that allow you view data critical to your marketing success. You get access to historical data for both new and used cars through a variety of insightful reports. Make better decisions and optimize your budget with clear, actionable data.

Our team continually gathers client and dealer feedback to develop new and useful features that enable you to gain deeper insight into your market.

ZipDriven for New Cars

We currently offer 16 unique & actionable reports for new car sales. Select date ranges, different views of the data, export as PDF - and more. See where you have the greatest opportunities in your market.

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ZipDriven for Used Cars

We currently offer 13 unique & actionable reports for used car sales. See how you compare with the competition in your market. For our SmartAdvertising clients, your used car inventory is included at no additional cost.

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Getting started with ZipDriven.

Getting Started with ZipDriven

Once you get set up with ZipDriven, you can quickly and easily access a wide variety of tools and reports.

First, you can select and modify date ranges for filtering historical data by months and years. You can then either select your default market (by zip code) or create your own custom markets by adding and/or removing zip codes. Create as many custom markets as you need. ZipDriven also lets you toggle between new car reports and used car reports.

We recently added a new feature, Intercom Live Chat, to all our reports pages in the ZipDriven console that will help us provide more real-time support to our valued clients. With Intercom, you can quickly and easily access our ZipDriven experts from inside the console. Look for the blue circle icon in the bottom right corner on every page.

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